• Green Eggs and Spam: Teen Dregs and Scam

    April 4, 2013

    In the lore of Theodore S. Geisel – better known as “Dr. Seuss” – is a tiny told tale of inspiration. The legend has that his editor Bennett Cerf one day came to him and said: “I bet you can’t write a book using only 50 words.” From this simple challenge came the indispensable children’s book Green Eggs and Ham. His instantly recognizable sing-song verse, that hid a simple wisdom of “anarchic kindness”, originally intended for children has now become a classic for all ages, and for one evening in Bushwick we wonder…would you fill the shoes of Seuss…could you fill the shoes of Seuss?


    We bet you can…


    So come to 56 Bogart St. on Thursday, April 4th for a night of interactive and participatory merrymaking culminating in “prizes and glory”. Chow down on green eggs and spam, have a drink with strangers, bond over the wonders of language, and then collaborate on a one-night-only text-piece, to be displayed at ArtHelix, and published in the zine TEEN DREGS AND SCAM. Hosted by Brandon Johnson of Food I Corp Enterprise, and Jacob and Matt of Mellow Pages Library, and ring-led by our Cat in the Hat, Peter Hopkins of ArtHelix gallery, this event will promise to be just as weird and innovative and fun as the Man who famously “heard a Who” … now can you?