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    ArtHelix Gallery was originally formed as the Bogart Salon in 2011. It was originally located in the now historic 56 Bogart building in Bushwick, Brooklyn, founded by artist Peter P. Hopkins as a way to present unique art exhibitions of his artist friends who have lost their gallery representation. It moved in 2013 and renamed itself ArtHelix Gallery, presenting solo and group art exhibitions and hosting lectures, symposia, and other cultural events.

    Since 2017 when it closed its analog space in Bushwick, ArtHelix has moved into the SHIM Art Network as a digital gallery that occupies shared spaces around the world. ArtHelix intends to create a meta-art space, a place where art is not only displayed and offered for sale, but also where it can be openly discussed and challenged, a hub or “helix” from which culture can be reimagined.

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