• Karen Fitzgerald | Energies

    May 28 - July 29, 2021

    "Matter and spirit. These two entities have a long history of being deeply intertwined, and for good reason. As we engage with the world around us, we also sense something more than what our eyes can see. What that other dimension is has been the subject of many explorations in verbal language – poetry, philosophy, metaphysics – as well as in the visual language of art.


    That other dimension is rarely visible. Finding a way to translate that into visual language has been an essential commitment in my work as an artist. My latest work is a tribute to the restless shifting of light and energy. The other dimensions, other understanding present in this work are strengthened through the influence of poetry, and the imagination it calls us to. My work embodies that aspect which carries us to the delineation, and unification between matter and spirit."


    -Karen Fitzgerald

    Karen Fitzgerald, The Going Away Mountain, 2020

    Karen Fitzgerald, Air, 2021

    Karen Fitzgerald, The Gathering Wave, 2021

    Karen Fitzgerald, Water, 2021