• Life Interrupted | Painting during the Pandemic

    July 2 - September 3, 2021

    Curated by Peter Hopkins and Julia Pomeroy

    Life Interrupted: Painting during the Pandemic presents paintings by emerging artists from across the UK. The artists selected for this show question our understanding of introspection, expectations, and success in the digital age related to the restrictions presented by lockdowns during Covid 19 pandemic. Through various uses of representational painting, we see figures experiencing an enormous range of emotions from the expected sense of boredom, ennui, and isolation, to emotions less commonly associated with this moment like indulgence and comfort, and even of quiet serenity, and freedom. The spaces where we quarantined- alone or together; the mundane and overly familiar everyday settings are what these artists are inspecting. From fluid, watery veiled painting to thick, denser application of marks, combined with highly contrasted and vibrant coloured images, an otherworldly and self-critical realm is envisioned by each artist by Life Interrupted: Painting during the Pandemic.

    Alice Miller, Watching the Snooker, 2021

    Elise Wallbridge, Witch Hunt, 2020

    George Marrington, Posers, 2021

    Julia Pomeroy, Toppled at our Peak, 2021