• MODESTY: A Policy

    Royce Weatherly, Elizabeth Gourlay and Elizabeth Saveri

    April 27, 2012

    The Bogart Salon is pleased to present MODESTY: A Policy an exhibition of three painters for whom modesty of spirit is counter balanced with philosophical assurance. The small scale and low key subject matter of their work gives the outward appearance of a quiet resistance towards the normative art world and its premium on “attention” seeking. Although modest in their formal artistic appearance their art is actually an act of great confidence and certainty of intention. Painstaking and methodical working procedure, small scale, and quotidian subject matter are nowadays not the accepted formula for artistic notoriety, but for these three painters, there is no other choice, for them life and art merge into a seamless routine that illuminates corners of the world hidden to the rest of us, but through their agency is now perceptible – communicated to us as both visible and “beautiful”. Elizabeth Gourlay, Royce Weatherly, and Elizabeth Saveri represent what is often overlooked in this new, larger, “corporatized” art world. Eschewing the sound and the fury that signifies nothing all three have carved out for themselves unique and profoundly important artistic practices that we as a culture must recognize and acknowledge. If this culture is to mean anything it must ultimately accommodate these artists, for while they do not seek our approval, they demand our attention.