• Nigel Grimmer | Analogue Disruptions

    April 12 - June 17 2021

    "My current project ‘Analogue Disruptions’ considers the disrupted photographic image. For one- hundred- and-ninety years technological advances have refined photographic processes, diverting attention from the physicality of the print. Within this digital age our images now carry the scars of our technology. It is becoming increasingly difficult to look past the once invisible surface of the photograph, to enter the illusionary space of the image. The photographs we view on our mobile devices carry emojis or Snapchat filters that disregard the perspective of the image we view, these images are then layered on top of each other with clocks, icons, menus and dead pixels further drawing our eye to the surface.
    I created colourful wooden props that resembled patterns, marks or emojis indicative of the apps I was researching. When photographed these props created the illusion of digital additions to the image, even in analogue photographs. These props were combined with found items of stationery or haberdashery that were employed to further confuse the illusion of photographic depth. These objects have then been allowed to seep over the surface of the print, further disrupting the final framed works."
  • Nigel Grimmer, 'Analogue Disruptions (Dylan, Circles)' (2020), Mounted photographic print in sprayed wooden frame, fabric sleeve, adhesive labels

    Nigel Grimmer, 'Nigel Doll (Eiffel Tower)' (2011), Giclee Print on Semi-Gloss Paper

    Nigel Grimmer, 'Roadkill Family Album (Mum, Fritton, 2000)' (2000), Giclee Print on Semi-Gloss Pape