• The People's Art Collective: NO SLEEP 'TIL BROOKLYN

    September 8, 2011

    “The Collective” is a group of past or present art world members who are organized around the simple notion that the information flow within that world has always moved in one direction; from artists, curators, and writers towards (or at) collectors.


    The P.A.C. members are all from the socio-economic group that largely represents the latter, and have, over the past 10 years, in complete anonymity begun to research and discuss methods to alter this flow.


    For over three years the whispers of this group have circulated in parts of the art world, now finally we have found a way to get them to present their thoughts and “voices” in a public forum.


    The exhibition is composed of telephone interviews with 6 of the members, 2 sample manifestos (required by the P.A.C. to invite new participants), and a large construction of the New York “art world” that runs from Brooklyn’s down-at-the-mouth “art scene” to the greener world of “Hedge Fund City”.


    Comprised of legos, children’s figurines, toy trains, and other detritus that helps P.A.C. to describe the unspoken relation of ideals to wealth, principles to power, and “Democratic Wishes” to “Republican Desires”, the model suggests that interconnectivity of the “equation”, and how many maintain a childlike ignorance of the actual means that propel the “game”, and like children, refuse to accept the real terms that keeps it running.


    In order to maintain complete privacy ‘The Collective’ has hired surrogates to build the work, and will not be present to discuss it during the exhibition.